Bush and Tree Trimming Service

Trimming Trees and Shrubs are just one of the many landscaping services JC’s Landscaping provides to meet your needs for lawn care in the DFW Metroplex.

bush and tree trimming chainsaw

Tree & Shrub Trimming

By keeping trees and bushes trimmed, you will protect your home from damage during high winds, your home will be more clearly seen, it will help with pest control issues, and this will also promote a healthier lawn by allowing sunlight to penetrate into the root system.
For the best appearance of your plants it is common to prune 3 or 4 times per year. For the health of your plants it is best to trim in the Winter and Not in the Fall.
We service Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Little Elm, Fairview, Prosper and Murphy, Texas. Our landscaping service specialists will come out to you, work with you to meet your needs and provide you with quality lawn maintenance and service.

Benefits of Tree and Bush Trimming

Why Should You Hire a Professional?

Trimming trees and bushes is more complicated than people realize. If you don’t know how to properly make a cut or how to shape a bush or tree, you can severely damage and even kill them. Safety is another reason that this task should be outsourced. It can be dangerous to trim tall trees, especially if they are close to power lines. With a professional company, you can also be sure that large branches will not fall on or cause damage to your property.

Why Choose Us

JC’s Landscaping is here to serve you. Our landscape specialists have received extensive training on pruning, trimming, and shaping trees and bushes. It will be our absolute pleasure to add you to our client list.