Beginner Lawn Care Mistakes and How to Fix Them

how to take care of your lawn in summer

If you’ve just moved into a house with a yard, chances are you don’t exactly know how to maintain it. And to be honest, this is perfectly understandable if you’ve never cared for a lawn. Lawn care can be quite difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. You need to think about the techniques you use for the lawn, or you’ll run it. And to make it even more complicated, you also need to worry about timing. You could do everything correctly, but if the timing is off, your lawn will still struggle in the long run. As such, if you plan on maintaining the yard yourself, you should know how to go about it. So, in order to help you out, we put together a list of beginner lawn care mistakes and how to fix them.

Mowing the lawn too low

One of the most common beginner lawn care mistakes is mowing too low. You’ll want to make sure that you never cut more than two-thirds of the grass’ length. If you cut the lawn too low, you will likely run into problems such as scalping, brown patches, thatch, and disease. Unfortunately, if you do end up mowing too low, there is no quick and easy fix. You’ll have to buy more seeds, preferably of the same type as the original lawn, and let the lawn grow back on its own. Make sure to water it thoroughly and fertilize it properly so it has everything it needs to recover. And you might ask, can a scalped lawn grow back on its own? To put it simply, no, it won’t, it will require quite a lot of work and time to fully repair a scaled lawn if the problem arises.

 Mowing the lawn too low can lead to a lot of issues that are hard to fix.

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Forgetting to sharpen the mowing blades

Mowing the lawn with dull blades is a quick and easy way to turn your lawn into a mess. Dull blades will, instead of cutting the grass, damage the grass or even tear up grass clumps. This will lead to bare patches in your lawn, which is extremely unsightly. All you need to do to prevent this is to remember to regularly sharpen the blades on your mower. There are both manual and electric tools you can use for this. If you end up with a patchy lawn, you will have to carefully seed the patches, and give them proper care until they grow. If you’re freshly moved into your home, experts from note that you should move everything from the yard into a storage unit while working on it. This way, you can safely take care of the yard without anything getting in the way.

Fertilizing too much or too often

One of the common beginner lawn care mistakes is overfertilizing the lawn. Of course, fertilizing is usually a good thing, but doing it too much can lead to problems. If you use too much fertilizer at once, or you fertilize too often, the nutrients from the fertilizer will end up seeping into the soil. This might seem like a good thing, but the fact of the matter is completely different. Because the grass can’t use these nutrients quickly enough, it encourages the growth of weeds. And the only way to fix this problem is to remove the weeds as they show up. Just remember to be quick about it, or they will get out of control. And when it comes to yard maintenance, make sure you know how to go about cleaning landscaping rocks properly. If you plan to use landscaping rocks, you need to give them proper care.

Using too much fertilizer can lead to weeds growing out of control on your lawn.

watering at the wrong time

Watering at the wrong time

If you just water your lawn carelessly, you’re likely to run into all sorts of issues. For example, watering the lawn on particularly hot days is essentially pointless, as the water will evaporate before the grass can absorb it. As such, you should either wait for a colder day or water the lawn in the evening. On the other hand, you should take care not to overwater the lawn too. If there has been rain recently, make sure to leave the grass enough time to dry before watering it. In either case, it’s best to avoid the issue completely rather than try to fix it. And if you haven’t moved into your new home yet, when planning the move, remember to leave it to specialists, especially when moving long-distance. It’s easy to damage the lawn when moving furniture into the home, so relying on professionals is the best call.

Aerating your lawn at the wrong time

Aerating the lawn is a process that removes small plugs in the soil. This means that air and water will penetrate the soil more easily and allow the lawn to thrive properly. And while this should be done regularly, doing it at the wrong time can lead to issues. Ideally, you should aerate the lawn during the growing season, so it has a chance to heal and cover damaged areas where the soil plugs were located. Doing it at the wrong time, for example when it’s particularly cold and the soil is hard, can lead to creating more soil plugs. So, timing is absolutely vital when it comes to aerating your lawn. The best way to make sure nothing goes wrong during aeration is to rely on professional lawn aeration services. After all, the professionals will know the right timing and the best way to do it.

 When it comes to aerating your lawn, timing is vital.

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Beginner lawn care mistakes and how to fix them – wrap up

Taking care of your lawn can be difficult if you don’t know how to do it properly. It takes time and patience to learn the proper techniques, but with some basic advice, you can make sure you don’t damage the lawn too much. Additionally, if you don’t want to take the risk, you can always rely on professionals to do it for you instead. We hope this list of beginner lawn care mistakes and how to fix them helps you learn how to care for your lawn, and we wish you a good day.

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