Common Weeds Found in North Texas

Common weeds found in north texas

Weeds are the number one threat to your lawn. 

They’re the one thing that can ruin your yard even if you’re doing everything perfectly. The worst part is that dealing with them is a constant struggle. 

The common weeds in North Texas stay around for quite a while. Many of them can multiply faster than you can deal with them.

So if you’re looking for expert lawn maintenance, or simply to rack up some knowledge on the pesky pasture weeds in Texas, you’re at the perfect article. 

Here are some of the common weeds in North Texas and the surrounding areas. 


Crabgrass is one of the most notorious forms of weeds, simply because it grows a lot faster than your turfgrass. 

They don’t need much in terms of the requirement to grow. A little bit of sunlight and crabgrass start growing like there’s no tomorrow. 

However, avoiding crabgrass is really easy when you have a healthy and thick lawn. If you don’t cut your grass too low in early spring, you can avoid this common weed in North Texas.

dallisgrass weedDallisgrass

Second on the list is Dallisgrass. The worst part about this pasture weed in Texas is that it completely ruins the aesthetic of your lawn. 

Dallisgrass sticks out beyond the grass and shows its tall leaves and seed stalks above your turf. The only way to avoid dallisgrass is to get a decent weed control program and continue applying it strictly throughout the fall season.

If you’re a bit of a DIY type when it comes to lawn care and landscaping, you will definitely enjoy our Top 5 Tips to Kill Weeds in Your Lawn.

dandelion weedsDandelion

Dandelion has to be the most beautiful of all the common weeds in North Texas. In fact, its spikey leaves are commonly found in mixed-greens salads. 

But it is a weed, nonetheless. 

Dandelions are similar to crabgrass in that they tend to grow atop low-cut grass. By restricting the room the weeds have to grow, you’re greatly reducing your chances of seeing dandelions in your lawn. 

You can also make your chances better by using a liquid herbicide. Products that target broadleaf weeds are easy to use in your lawn, as they do not hurt grasses. Learn about the different types of weed killer and the answer to the question, will weed killer kill flowers?


pigweedPigweed is most common in gardens and crop fields. But it can definitely show up in North Texas lawns as well.

This weed looks a lot like the “stickers” or “goatheads” we often see, but it isn’t quite the same. It doesn’t drop the sharp, prickly seedheads that hurt to step on. But it’s every bit as willing to spread through a vulnerable lawn.

As with most weeds, pigweed is best dealt with preventatively. It sprouts after the last frost of the season, and can initially look a bit like clover. Using an herbicide that’s effective on broadleaf weeds can help get things under control if you notice pigweed in your yard.

What Can You Do if the Weeds Have Already Grown?

There are preventive measures you can take to keep your lawn safe from weeds. Perhaps the most effective measure is making sure you are propagating a dense, healthy bed of grass. Weeds are opportunistic, so they’re gonna settle wherever they find a bit of dirt to claim as their own.

If you’re struggling to keep your lawn thick, you’re definitely at risk of getting a weed infestation. Seeking out a reputable hydroseeding company may be a great way to quickly establish a lush bed of grass that’s hardy and weed-resistant. Hydroseeding produces new grass far more quickly than seed broadcasting, and is typically less expensive than laying sod.

However, if you’ve missed the weed control seasons and you’re starting to see weeds forming, you need to call for some professional help. 

JC’s Landscaping is one of the finest names in lawn care in Texas. 

We’ve dealt with every form of common weed in North Texas throughout our time in the industry. So, if you have a weed problem, give us a call, and we’ll leave your lawn spotless in just a few hours!

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