Tips for Fertilizing Your Lawn

Spring & Fall Fertilization Proper fertilizing is needed to help your lawn recover from stress of summer conditions and prepare for the next growing season. Fertilizing your lawn in late fall will help the grass fill in thin spots. A deep root system helps plants to survive winter and begin growing early next spring. In […]

Building a Stone Retaining Wall

How to Build a Stone Retaining Wall Building a stone retaining wall is a useful method to control soil erosion and provide a refined look for your landscape. Check local codes before you begin because you may need a permit to build a retaining wall. Often you will not be bothered if you keep the […]

When to Plant Grass Seed

When Is The Right Time? Grass grow fastest when your planting season aligns with the seeds’ natural growth period. Like other kinds of plants in your landscape, plant grass seed are varied in their growth cycles and regional climate preferences. Cooler seasonal grasses like bluegrass, perennial ryegrasses and tall fescues, grow most vigorously during the […]

How to Have a Mosquito Free Pond

Stop their natural habitat and breeding cycles Water is the key ingredient to mosquito life. Adult mosquitoes lay their eggs anywhere they can find still water. Within 48 hours the eggs begin to hatch, and then, depending primarily upon temperature, the larvae evolve into adults within another 4 to 31 days. Follow these steps to have […]