How often do i need to mow my lawn?

How Often Do I Need to Mow My Lawn?

Maintaining a well-manicured lawn requires more than just regular watering and occasional fertilization. One common question homeowners have is, “How often do I need to mow my lawn?” The frequency of mowing depends on various factors, including grass type, growth

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fertilize st augustine in fall

Lawn Repair DIY

A well-maintained lawn can be the pride and joy of any homeowner. However, even with the best care, common lawn problems can arise, leaving your once lush lawn looking less than perfect. Whether you’re dealing with bare patches, weeds, or

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get rid of grubs and revive lawn

Get Rid of Grubs

A lush, green lawn is a pride for every homeowner. However, an infestation of lawn grubs will quickly turn that dream into a nightmare. These little pests, which are the larvae of beetles, feast on the roots of your grass.

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fix a broken sprinkler head

Fix a Broken Sprinkler Head

A broken sprinkler head is a frustrating sight for any homeowner. Not only does it lead to wasted water and higher utility bills, but it also results in dry patches on your lawn or oversaturated areas. However, repairing a broken

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how do I make my st augustine grass thicker

Pros and Cons of St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass, also known as buffalo turf, is a popular warm-season grass type that is commonly grown in humid and coastal regions. It is often chosen for its ability to withstand heat and drought conditions, as well as its

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how to make grass green in summer

How to Make Grass Green in Summer

Summer is the time when homeowners want to enjoy their lush, green lawns. However, the hot and dry weather conditions take a toll on even the healthiest of lawns. Maintaining a green lawn in the summer requires a combination of

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how often to fertilize lawn in summer

How Often to Fertilize Lawn in Summer?

Maintaining a healthy and lush lawn during the scorching North Texas summers is a challenge. Alongside proper watering and regular mowing, fertilization is a crucial aspect of lawn care. Fertilizing your lawn provides essential nutrients that will help it withstand

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Summer Watering and Fertilization

Summer Watering and Fertilization

Here in North Texas, it’s important to stick to a watering and fertilization schedule that works for your lawn. We have hot summers, but we’ve also got random cold snaps in the spring and fall. It’s good to know when

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how often should you edge your lawn?

How Often Should You Edge Your Lawn

A well-manicured lawn is a source of pride for any homeowner. One of the key elements to achieving a polished look is edging. Edging is the process of creating a clean and defined boundary between the lawn and other areas

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how long to water lawn in summer

How Long to Water Lawn in Summer

How long to water lawn in summer? Summer in North Texas is brutal on lawns. We experience high temperatures and little rainfall. Proper watering is essential to keep your lawn healthy and green during these hot months. But how long

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how to take care of your lawn in summer

Basic Lawn Mowing Tips

Plan Your Attack Your dad says the only way to mow a lawn is to trim the edges first, which puts the clippings back into the grass to be mulched by the mower. He’s not wrong, but you can also

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