How to Plant in a Pot

Poor soil in your yard? No space for a full-size garden? Containers to the rescue.

How to Plant in a pot or container? There are so many good things about potted plants and container gardens
because they’re perfect little mini gardens, tucked away in a pot and can be placed anywhere around your home or landscape.
They create instant visual appeal, no matter where you place them. They’re fun to design and easy to plant.

    1. Gather your plant(s), potting soil & container.
    2. Layer the bottom of the container with soil, also leave enough room for the plant(s). Gravel is also recommended for the better drainage.
    3. Carefully remove the plant(s) from their original containers.
    4. Disturb the roots a little, since this will help them grow better.
    5. Arrange in your container, leave equal spaces between each plant (if multiple), fill in with potting soil. Gravel is optional on the top of your soil for additional drainage.
    6. Water well and drain completely once the soil is settled, therefore you may need to fill in with extra soil

Many plants, like herbs, need a sunny location that gets 5-6 hours of sunlight each day; let your planter dry thoroughly between watering, and use often!

plant-potsTake a closer look at some of your favorite summer containers for gardening to enhance your home entryway by immediately adding beauty to it. Start by choosing a container, also there’s a wide variety of materials and styles to choose from. Make sure the container has holes in the bottom for proper drainage, otherwise you can drill holes with a large drill bit.

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